Outreach Ministries

Spoken Word Outreach Ministries lives up to its name. Throughout the years, the various outreaches of this ministry have touched over 30 nations and have seen over 1,200,000 people come to Jesus. Both at home and abroad, we endeavor to reach the lost and disciple the believer. Pastor Ron began traveling to the nations in 1981, when he visited the nation of Haiti. Since that time, he, along with those whom he has raised up, has continued to fulfill the mandate God placed upon him so many years ago, which was, “Go and tell My people how much I love them.” In recent years, the vision of that mandate has flourished and drawn closer to reality as Spoken Word and its associate ministries have picked up the pace in their effort to change the world. Ron’s oldest son, Scott, who is the assistant pastor at SWOM, as well as the Founder of Compassion, Fire and Glory Ministries, has traveled to over 30 nations winning souls and training leaders. Following in the apostolic footsteps of his father, he has organized an international church fellowship in 16 nations, involving over 1,200 churches. Not only have hundreds of thousands of people come to Jesus and thousands of leaders been trained, but SWOM’s video bible school has also been implemented in 16 nations so that leaders may continue to be trained in the Word of God and be better equipped for ministry.

Pastor Ron continues to travel today, teaching pastors and raising them up in the fullness of God. Many of SWOM’s church family members have accompanied him and his sons over the years to minister and assist in crusades, medical clinics, orphanage support and other activities. It is truly wonderful to be able to provide a platform where people can fulfill the call of God on their lives. Local evangelism and support is also a part of SWOM. Whether it be door to door evangelism, yearly migrant ministry, feeding the less fortunate, visiting nursing homes and hospitals, or just showing the love of God to a church family member in need, the people of SWOM gladly do their part. In 2006, long time members Bill and Linda Zorn were sent to Jamaica by Pastor Ron to establish Spoken Word Caribbean Outreach. Since its founding, they have established a church and bible schools in Jamaica and the Caribbean.


Spoken Word Outreach Caribbean is comprised of a local church and bible school located in Run Away Bay, Jamaica. The church is overseen by Pastor Frank Hunter.


A foundation and church network was established in Bulgaria to provide pastors the ability to connect and work together building the Kingdom of God. Since its inception, many pastors and ministries have joined together, and have seen much fruit and growth as a result. Seminars and conferences are held several times each year around the nation.


Ghana- Spoken Word Outreach Ministries of Ghana is a bible school training program that utilizes our video bible school, as well as manned instruction. Many seminars have been held throughout the nation to continue to enable the outreach and effectiveness of the ministry. Currently we have 8 locations throughout Ghana which is overseen by Bishop Akwei Anang. In addition to the above registered ministries, we also have video bible schools in several other nations that utilize our curriculum. Working in conjunction with one of our outreach ministries, Compassion, Fire and Glory Ministries, we have been able to make a great impact on church workers and leaders throughout the world with this tool. Other nations include: Kenya, Zambia, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, India and the Philippines.

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