Our Church

In 1981, Spoken Word Outreach Ministries was founded by Ron and Linda Hunter in Sheldon, SC. For over 20 years, they have operated from their current location in Lobeco, S.C., training and equipping the Body of Christ. Spoken Word Outreach Ministries is a bible church and training center with a worldwide vision. Our goals are simple: preach and teach the Word of God, always allow the Holy Spirit to move, and train people to walk in the fullness of God and fulfill the call on their lives. Our services are not geared to people, but rather to God. We believe that, by doing this, people will then be able to receive what they need from God, instead of what they want. Our goal is to follow the model of Jesus: set an atmosphere of praise and worship unto God, preach and teach the gospel of the kingdom, and signs will follow. This model is not only implemented in all of our services, but also in each of our outreach activities.

We also know that the children are our future, so we have structured an environment for them to learn and be involved. From nursery through teens, we train and equip our young people to live for God and serve Him at an early age. Our children’s and youth classes are: 0-3 years for nursery, 4-9 for children’s church, 10-18 for youth ministry. Many of our teenagers are involved in the weekly activities of the church as well. In every service, we encourage the children to participate and feel welcome. We take great pleasure in developing the children and youth at SWOM.

We also firmly believe in the development and fellowship of all believers. There are many places at SWOM in which people can fulfill the call of God on their lives. Ushering, helps, music, media, children’s ministry, intercession and outreach are just some of the departments where people can serve. We also have developmental training for those who are called to teach and preach the gospel in the public setting. We even have missions training and teams that travel to foreign nations. Aside from training and preparing, we love to have fun! Throughout the year men’s, women’s and youth and children’s fellowships are planned to provide a time of sharing and fun. We also plan church-wide fellowships throughout the year to foster growth as a church family.

If you are looking for a place where the complete word of God is taught, the presence of God is welcomed, and people’s lives are changed, SWOM might just be for you. Throughout the years, some things have changed in the operations of SWOM, but one thing has always remained the same, and that’s the vision that God gave Pastor Ron over 40 years ago. He has and always will remain true to that call. He’s always purposed to make SWOM a place of love and acceptance, a place where people can come and grow in the things of God, a place where people can be healed and restored, spirit, soul and body, and a place where the river of life flows freely and where people from all walks of life and from all over the world can come and receive the things of God and take it out to the nations. Spoken Word is simply a place for God … and a place for you.

We Are A Bible Church & Training Center

The mission of this ministry is to literally teach and preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God all over the world, through every means possible. In doing so we strive to bring the Body of Christ and its leaders into spiritual maturity, to equip them for service, and to spread the Gospel so the glory of God may cover the earth.

How are we striving to accomplish this? Over the past two decades we have collectively ministered in 30 different countries. Pastor Ron and his son, Scott, often accompanied by a ministry team from Spoken Word, make over a dozen mission trips each year, teaching and training pastors and leaders, but also ministering to thousands in crusades and church services. These conferences and crusades have seen over 1 million souls saved and thousands delivered and miraculously healed by the power of God.

In addition, DVD Bible Schools have been established all over the world, containing over 100 hours of fundamental teaching. Our weekly Sunday services and revival meetings are also broadcasted online live via Facebook and on delay at YouTube.com.

Our mission is carried out daily through our school, Agape Christian Academy and each week through our thriving youth ministry. We also seize each opportunity for local community outreach and evangelism. Through every facet of ministry, though, we strive to teach, preach and exemplify the ever abundant, unconditional, agape love of God.